Hi! I'm Jeff Loch

Director · Editor · Colorist

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Here are some of the projects I've worked on for the last few years.


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Here are some music videos that I shot as a director of photography.

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It all starts with an idea. How do you tell the story, how do you create a mood, a look ?

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Script writing

Story telling is everything to me, and that's what I focus on when I work on a project, the way I can push the things a little further.
With that in mind, I can start to work on the tools I will use to express it.

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With hundreds of projects under my thumb, I'm pretty sure we'll make something awesome together ! From music videos to corporates and advertisements shoots, I'll always do my best on every single project I work on.

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Because it's not just about putting your materials in a computer
& a software.
Let me bring your raw footage to the next level.

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color grading

What makes all the difference.
It's an important & entire part of the creative process, as we can change the things dramatically to help you tell your story.
Just let me bring my experience, you won't be disappointed !

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About Me

Photo portrait de Jeff Loch

I'm a 30 years old Director · Editor · Colorist based in Lyon, France.

Over the past 10+ years, I've worked on more than 300 music videos for independant artists and majors. The projects I worked on accumulated over 100 million views and got multiple awards: 3 x Gold Record, 2 x Platinum Record, 1 x Diamond Record.

I like to bring an artistic touch, a vision, something special & personal to every project I work on.

Don't hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear about your project !


Jeff Loch

2011 - Present


Music video, corporate video, and product photography specialised company based in Lyon, France.

Université Lyon 03

2017 - Present


I teach classes at the University's Master. I teach cinematography & editing.


2018 - Present


Writer for CineD (formerly cinema5D). I write articles and reviews for the international website, read by 1M persons per month.

Skill Set

Editing Skills

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

Final Cut Pro X

Color Grading Skills

Davinci Resolve

Graphic Skills



Other Skills

Authoring / Encore & DVD Studio Pro

Mocha / Pftrack


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Some of the clients I happily worked with.

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If you have any questions or comments, or if you want me to work on your project, feel free to contact me, I would be glad to answer you !

Thank you! I have received your message.




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